Monday, February 25, 2008

Caden is 3!!!

We celebrated Caden's third birthday today. It was nice but neither Caden nor Micaela feel very well. They both get to go to the doctor tomorrow. Caden got a big boy bike, Mr Potato Head, a movie and a big doodle pad. His favorite is the doodle pad. He had an ice cream cake because mom did not get the cupcakes made in time. I don't know who enjoyed the cake better--Caden or Micaela.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nothing Much

Not much is happening here. We are still enjoying excellent weather which I have heard will be gone very soon. Work is going well for Josh. He finally got a new shift which we like-5am to 1pm. Josh doesn't like getting up so early but it is nice to have him home in the evenings. Janeen and the kids enjoyed their weekend up in Mesa. It was fun to hang out with all of her sisters and see all of her nieces and nephews. Our next trip we are planning is to go to California (which Josh is very excited to go to) for Josh's brother's wedding. We can't wait. Well that is about all for now. Have a great day!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Still here!

Well we are still here. Janeen and the kids went up to Mesa to visit with Janeen's family. They are all getting together for Clark's baptism (Janeen's sisters son). Josh is having to work so he is stuck in Tucson while they get to go and play. Oh well though. They will have fun.

Caden can now count to 5 on his hands, with a little help. It is so funny cause he can't really say some of the numbers, but he tries. You know the "free" for three and "ouw" for four. He is getting a lot better with his speech though.

Micaela is awesome! So adorable. She started to say "ma ma" now and Janeen loves it!!!

Thanks everyone for your comments too!