Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Easter Bunny Came!

I know this post is late. Here a few pictures of Easter morning of the kids with their Easter baskets. They had lots of fun. Caden got up first, couldn't find his basket, so he started eating Kenzie's candy. Kenzie loves how she could find candy in each egg. She still points to the baskets every morning for more candy.

Oh Kenzie...

Kenzie is into taking her clothes off lately. This is how I found her one morning. She had managed to taker her diaper and sleeper off...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our backyard progress

So we started out with nothing but dirt in our backyard. We wanted a place to chill so we needed to expand our patio.

So now that we have added to our patio, we wanted to get rid of all that messy dirt. It gets really windy here and having all the dirt makes it pretty dirty. Well we got rid of that problem. YEAH!!!

It is soooo super duper nice to have green grass in our yard. Although we are not able to play on the grass yet, it sure takes care of that eye sore that we had previously!!! Here is to many summer evenings enjoying the cool green grass. Time to play!
Next is a flower garden in the back right corner for Janeen and the sandbox for the kids in the other corner. Maybe next year we will get the patio covered to add to the fun.