Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Our Model...Micaela

The 4th

I know this is long overdue. Here are the pictures of us on the 4th of July. We went to see the firewroks at a golf course south of us. They were fun and the kids had a great time running around.

Caden and Micaela with their friend Jaxon.

This is the best picture I could get of them and its not that good.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Short and Fat

Well Kenzie went to the Dr today for her 9 month appt and she is short and fat. She weights in at 23lbs 4oz (97%) and 28 1/4 inches long (75%). She is very healthy and very happy. We love having her in our family.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pictures from Texas--At the lake


Grandpa Jackson and Tanner

Elise and Dallin

Micaela--I like this picture because it shows how low the
lake was. All the red dirt should be under water.

Grandpa Jackson, Dallin, Micaela, and Elise


Caden and Micaela playing

Tanner loved the boat...

Kenzie playing at Grandma's house



Elise and Janeen at the lake

Caden and Dallin taking a dip

Josh showing off his mad waterboarding skills

My dad skiing..go dad!

Dallin, Micaela, and Caden waiting for someone to start tubing.

Micaela on the boat

Elise and Dallin on the boat

Kenzie enjoying the lake

Kenzie hangin out in the pack n play with Tanner

Tanner hanging in the pack n play


Kenzie stealing Tanner's pacifer

Micaela getting ready for the lake

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

So a couple of weeks ago we when to Texas for a visit. We saw Janeen's dad, sister, another sister sister and husband and their two kids. We also saw Josh's mom, her husband and lots of siblings. We had lots of fun and will probably plan an anual trip out there. So we had alot of time on our hands when we were driving so we came up with our top 5 good and bad things about Texas. So drum roll please...

Top 5 Bad Things about Texas

1. The Highway Patrol! We got lucky and managed to avoid getting pulled over by these sneaky people but most of the time we are not so lucky. We did not see any cops on the highway until we arrived in Texas and we saw too many to count. I know they are looking out for everyone but it is not fun getting a ticket for speeding (which we do alot!)

2. The Humidity! Eww! That is how I felt the entire time I was there. It is not fun to walk outside from the car to the store/house and have sweat running down my back. And because it was humid, my face broke out. Nice when we take a bunch of pictures...

3. It is HUGE to drive through. We started the trip and in 4 hours we were in Texas but still had another 10 hours to go to get to my dad's house. On the way back we knew we were almost home when we go out of Texas.

4. DEER!!! They are evil in Texas. I would know because Josh hit one one time when he was driving back to NM. $8000 later our car was fixed. We had a friend that hit a deer one night and a week later hit another one. Josh's step dad hit one, the insurance totaled it, he bought it back from them, and a week later hit another deer. Don't drive at night because they like to jump out in front of you and kill themselves and your car. Evil...thats all I can say about them.

5. Rain storms. Most people picture a desert when they think of Texas but that is only half of Texas. The other half is very green and wet. When we were driving back home, we were driving about 30 mph on the freeway through El Paso because it was raining buckets of water. We could barely see the road. There was cars lining the sides of the road because they couldn't see. Lightning everywhere. Luckily we made it through and then we heard on the radio there was a flash flood in El Paso. If we had been 30 minutes later we would have had to spend the night there. And then of course it continued raining, not as bad, for another 2 hours. Fun times.

Top 5 Good Things about Texas

1. Family and Friends. It is always fun to visit and see others you haven't see in a few months or with my sister Elise almost 4 years.

2. Green stuff! I miss grass. I know you have to mow it and water it and take care of it but I think it is totally worth it. It is so nice to take your shoes off and run on it with bare feet. If only it didn't cost $100/month (or more) to water grass here in the desert.

3. Texas Pride. Although some take it a little far, it is nice to see people love their state and take pride in how it looks. I think it is funny how if there is an American flag on a pole there is a Texas one also. When I went to BYU, people would ask me where I was from and I would tell them Texas and the first they would ask was "So where is your Texas flag?" I am happy to report I was one of the few that did not display a Texas flag in my dorm room window.

4. Southern Hospitality. It is true-southern people are really nice. I mean there are a few not so nice people but for the most part they are great. We had to go to the store when we were there and I forgot that they have people to take your groceries out to your car and load them up for you. Oh I miss that alot. I am already tired by the time I get my kids in the car and then I still have to get the food.

5. The Activities/Attractions. There are so many things to do there. I know every state has stuff but they have alot. We went to the Witte museum which was fun and full of history and nature stuff. We also went to the Aquarium which is amazing. If you haven't gone you should. We also went to this drive-thru zoo (Fossil Rim) and we go to feed zebras, giraffes, deer, sheep, goats, and ostriches. We will always have something new to do each year.

Well there you have it. Please keep these in mind if you decide to visit or move to the state of Texas. Hopefully I will get some pictures posted but I have 395 pictures of the trip so it might take awhile. Here is one though when we were swimming in the lake at Josh's mom's house.

It is Janeen's dad, Dallin, Micaela, Janeen, Tanner, Elise, Josh and Caden.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Trying to be like...

Here is Micaela wearing her pink shirt, Caden's tie, daddy's socks and Caden's shoes. Dress up is so fun....