Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nap time

Why sleep in a bed when I have a stool to sleep on instead??

Fun Pictures

Some cute recent pictures of the kids...

Our Christmas

So Santa came early to our house this year. Josh is out of town on Christmas so Monday was our Christmas. We had a great time and by 9 my kids were full of sugar and candy. It is always funny to see which toys the kids will like the most. Caden's favorite(s) were the two remote control cars he got. One plays this awful music which he loves to play over and over and over again. (you think the people over at the toy company have kids too and would pick better sound effects) Micaela has several favorite things this year: her tooth brush (very good because of all the sugar), a Dora backpack (so she can fill it full of all her toys) and lip smackers chap stick (I have gotten tired of her getting mine and ruining it so she has her very own now. The pack came with three so any given moment she has one it each hand.) Josh got some fun power tools which he has already used. I got clothes which was all I wanted. After three kids things just don't fit the same so I needed some new clothes.

Micaela enjoying her new backpack

And her chap stick

Caden with one of his cars

Check out that cool hat and tool belt

What Kenzie thought about the whole event...

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope that when each of you celebrate it will be great too.
Merry Christmas!

Handy Manny!

I guess we have been watching this show too much because we decided to tackle a project of our own. We decided to start painting our house. We have several after this one but we started with Caden's room. The first color we picked was on a blue paint strip but was a lavendar on the wall--not good. So we took it back to get it fixed so it would be blue. Here are some pictures to document our first big (and very permanent) house project...

Getting ready..

Very blue...

Of course Caden had to help paint his own room. (it was hard for him to understand that although he has excellent painting skills with finger paint this is a little different.)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas should be every day!

So I was thinking about Christmas and have decided it should be every day or at least once a week. My reasoning behind this is good. For the past couple weeks I have been able to use Santa to get me children to behave. I tell hem Santa will not bring toys or candy unless they stop fighting (I am sure this is a common practice in most homes) and a miracle happens--they are good! So that is reason one. The next one is Christmas eve you tell your kids that Santa will not come until they go to bed so instead of having your children screaming and crying about going to bed another miracle happens--they are excited to go to sleep.

If only these bribing techniques worked year round...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dangerous Job

So this happened a long time ago but the picture has been on Josh's phone. Here is want happened to Josh when he went to catch somebody on the job. He is not sure if it was do to his huge Maglite flash light or the elbow of the guy Josh tackled to the ground. However it happened I wanted it fixed quick.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I love newborns but I also love when they start to smile. Kenzie is starting to smile and I was lucky enough to get it on camera. Of course Micaela wanted her picture take too. (Caden was at school so no pictures of him.)

Look at those big blue eyes..

My girls. They get along for the most part except when Micaela steals Kenzie's blanket in the car...

She is thinking about smiling for me...


There it is...


We are getting in the season and decorated our house with lights! I know this is not that exciting but we were! Here is a picture--I know its not great but you can get the idea.

Micaela 2, Sharma 17

Micaela had her 2nd birthday on Nov 26 and Sharma turned 17 the same day. While Sharma was visiting we celebrated their birthdays and had cake. Micaela got another baby doll and a play cell phone (but she still prefers mine). Sharma got some socks for work (fun I know).

Here is their cake..

Caden helping Micaela open her presents!


Wow I have been slacking at putting up new posts. A lot has happened since my last post so I will try to get everyone updated. On Nov 23 we blessed Kenzie and were able to have some friends and family come down for that. It was great to see everyone. Here are a couple pictures we took. My sister took most of the pictures but we don't have them yet so here is what we have...

The Mumfords

Josh's Aunt Martha and Uncle Howard

Mommy and Kenzie