Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where's Waldo?

This morning we went to get the kids out of their beds only to find out Caden wanted to help pick up their room. Normally we would love his help but his way of cleaning was to throw everything in Micaela's crib with her in it. Here are the pictures of what we saw. Can you find Micaela in the picture?? Hint all you can see is her hand...

Oh there she is...

Her again...

The one that cleaned up...

There she is again...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So for some people sewing can be stressful but for me it actually relieves my stress. This past Saturday I decided I wanted to make something. We had just got Caden some new Sunday clothes so I wanted to make Micaela something to wear that was new. So about 8 pm Saturday I begin the process. About 2:30 the next morning I finished. I have a problem stopping once I start. Well here is a picture of the product. I thought it turned out pretty good and I have since washed it and it didn't fall apart (which is always a plus).

When kids dress Themselves

So I had to post these pictures because I thought they were funny. Micaela has temporarily mored away from taking her diaper off to dressing herself. On this particular day she had a dress on and discovered she could take it off and put it back on all by herself. The only problem was she put it on backwards and inside out. Then to top off the outfit she put her shoes on (on the wrong feet of course.) So this was the result:

Although she is cute, she looks a little homeless. Oh well, it kept her entertained for a while.

Well an update: we finally got our a/c fixed in our car. I should have complained a week earlier!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Worst Luck with Cars

So many of you know we finally got rid of our Explorer because it seemed like we were doing something to fix it every month. It was a very happy day when we got rid of it but it seems the bad luck has followed us to our new car. But we learned our lesson and got a bumper to bumper warranty on our new car that is good until we pay it off. So our air conditioner went out about a week and a half ago so we took it in on Monday to get it fixed. Well of course the part they needed to fix it no one has so they ordered it. Well I called today to see if the part had arrived because with 110 degree weather, being pregnant, and having two kids I feel like I am going to pass out every time I have to go anywhere. So when I was talking to the dealership I found out that the one part we need is on National Backorder!!! Why??? Why does the one little hose we need no one can get?? Of course I can not go any longer without a/c in our car so asked them what I can do. They tell me to call headquarters for Nissan which I do and complain. If there is a national backorder something must be work with that part which they need to address! They say they are sorry about the inconvenience they have caused and will let me know when the next part is made and will be available. Hopefully for them, it will not be long before the part is made because if so I am determined to get some rental car or replacement car out of them because I can't go one more day without a/c in the car.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Caden is a BIG Boy

So Caden has graduated from a toddler bed to a twin bed. We need the crib for the new baby and Micaela needs the toddler bed. Here is a picture of Caden hanging out in his new bed which he loves. We have since changed the bedding--that bedding was just temporary. I can't believe he is so big. It seems like yesterday we brought him home from the hospital.

Happy 4th of July

We hope everyone enjoyed they holiday yesterday. We had a good time. We went to a local park and played while we waited for the fireworks to start. Both Caden and Micaela loved the fireworks. We all got the famous 4th of July shirts at Old Navy so here are a couple of pictures on the kids wearing theirs. And yes I know they are playing/sitting in a laundry basket. It is their new favorite thing to do--Micaela sits in the basket while Caden pulls it around saying "Choo Choo."