Sunday, November 22, 2009

Caden's ER visit

Oh Saturday was a long day. I got home from grocery shopping to Josh telling me we needed to take Caden to the hospital. The one side of him neck was completely swollen. It looked like he had a hamburger bun on his neck. I first went to Urgent Care where we waiting for about 1 hour to be seen. They took blood work and noticed his white blood cell count was really high. Normal is 11-13. Caden's was at 42.5. The Dr tells me we need to go straight to the ER so they can run more tests to see if his lymph node needs to be drained or if it is something more serious like lymphoma. So off to UMC we go. The one nice thing about being set by an Urgent Care to an ER we walked in and when back to a bed in less than 2 minutes. The drs and nurses were great with him. They gave him an iv so they would not have to keep poking Caden. The hospital ran his white blood cell count again and it was up to 50 now. They take some chest x-rays and everything was normal there, so they wanted to do a CT scan of his neck. He did really good a holding really still as they took the pictures. In the scans it just showed his lymph node was really swollen and he would not need surgery to drain it. Then he got a dose of steriods and his first dose of antibiotics and we got sent home. So between the two hours at urgent care and 9 hours at the ER we were both very tired. We rewarded ourselves with a job well done by coming home at midnight and eating some Mother's Circus Animal Cookies. They were so good! So now Caden is doing better but still doesn't like to move his neck and of course he hates the medicine he has to take three times a day.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So a long time ago we started painting Caden's room and we finally finished it and I really like it. Here are some pictures. We are also really close to finishing the girls room. Pictures for their room will come later.


Here are some pictures of Halloween. We went trick or treating at the zoo a week before Halloween and also on Halloween. The kids had so much fun. They got to go trick or treating with their friend Jaxon.