Sunday, June 29, 2008

Boring Summer

So I decided I needed to add something to our blog because it has been forever since our last update but I have nothing exciting to post. We have not done much since we got home because it is too hot to go outside and Josh is working all the time. I guess the only thing that is sort of funny to report is Micaela has discovered how to take her own diaper off. I thought I would be smart and just make sure she always has pant on but she can take those off too. The other day Josh went to go check on Micaela during her nap and came out laughing and told me to go look at her. I have to say it was pretty funny--she was laying there with no pants or diaper on, she was half naked sleeping in her crib. Although it was funny at first, it is not anymore. I end up washing her bedding everyday because she has to pee when the diaper is off. Oh well! We just have to hope this is a short phase for her and stop taking her diaper off.

Just 6 more weeks till school starts and Caden will get to start preschool! That will be exciting!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Our big Trip to California

Well after 5 1/2 years of marriage, we finally when on vacation. We drove over to California to visit Janeen's sister Cami and her family and continued on up to Josh's brother's , Shane, wedding. We had lots of fun and enjoyed visiting with family and friends. Here are a few pictures we took along the way.

This one was at a rest area. Between Janeen and Caden we stopped a few too many times for a bathroom break.

Micaela decided to learn how to play the piano with her cousin Hunter. They are about two weeks apart in age.

This is the newest grandchild on the Jackson side--Sawyer Rooks Bean.

Backyards are the best. We can't wait to have one of our own. Josh even got involved and had had lots of fun.

This is a picture of Josh with his brother Shane taken shortly after the wedding.

Caden loved using the travel pillow but they don't work well for little kids when they are sleeping.

Trees really do exist still even though they do not grow in Arizona.

Picture perfect right after waking up in the morning.

Thanks goodness for portable DVD players. They make trips so much more enjoyable for everyone.