Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He is getting Big!

These pictures you can see how big Corbin is getting. The first one is 1 week old and the second one he is eight weeks old.

Random pictures

Corbin's Baby Blessing

We blessing Corbin the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We had my dad and step mom here for it which was very nice. I got his outfit right after he was born and got 3-6 month size because he was big. He barely fit in it.

Micaela Turns 4

Micaela turned 4 the day after Thanksgiving this year. She got a new bike which she really likes and got a yummy ice cream cake. She got to celebrate with Grandpa and Grandma Jackson because they were in town for Thanksgiving and Corbin's blessing.

So Sweet

The other day I put Corbin on the sofa to do something and I came back to find Kenzie sleeping next to him holding his hand. It was so cute.